We are committed to addressing the root causes of energy and fuel poverty by providing actionable data for sustainable solutions that have a lasting impact on low-income households.

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We have developed a robust partnership between the public and private sectors to coordinate research that serves to address energy and fuel poverty in Texas.

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Current Projects

Whether studying consumption patterns or assessing new products, our coordinated, transparent and readily accessible research findings can inform both market-based solutions and public policy.

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We gather actionable data through a variety of mechanisms, including:

Research Studies & Demonstration Projects

Developing Partnerships

Connecting Stakeholders

Identifying Best Practices

A few important facts that drive us…

  • As Prices Increase, So Does Poverty

    Across the U.S., electricity prices are expected to continue to increase (due to capex, regulation, etc).  For every 10% increase in home energy costs, 840,000 Americans would be pushed below the poverty line.

  • Poverty in Texas is Forecast to Grow

    The poverty rate is increasing for Texas’ minorities.  The Hispanic population in Texas is expected to double by 2050.

  • The Energy-Poverty Nexus in Texas is Large, and Growing

    Low-income households in parts of Texas pay 12%-28% of their monthly income to cover their energy needs.  At the same time, Federal funding for weatherization is regressing, and State subsidies are phasing out.

  • The Market for Energy Savings is Large

    $4 Billion can be saved yearly if each household can learn to save $150 on home energy costs over one year.


  • Texas Requires a New, More Reliable and Impactful Approach

    TEPRI is a systemic and sustainable model intended to be a solution to help mitigate the growing energy-poverty nexus in Texas.


Our Founding Board Member Organizations Include:

Oncor Electric Delivery Company
El Paso Electric Company
City Lights Group
CPS Energy
Klein Energy

TEPRI’s governance structure is streamlined for an efficient and effective impact with a diverse industry membership and Board of Directors. Click below to learn more.


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