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Help alleviate energy poverty in Texas

Energy industry stakeholders are joining TEPRI to help influence positive change in Texas and throughout the nation!

TEPRI’s membership levels provide opportunity for all stakeholders to make an impact and benefit from the collaborative consortium model.  Whether you are a transmission utility, energy efficiency expert, community agency, or a student interested in conducting research related to our mission, TEPRI has a place for everyone.

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TEPRI offers a variety of membership levels, each with a 3-year commitment.


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Energy Stakeholder Benefits

Leveraging shared research dollars of member companies, contributing foundations, and government grants.

Aggregating and cross-communicating data that focuses on low-income consumers.

Serving as a third party validator of research findings and evaluator of programs or policies.

Providing creative opportunities to design tailored energy efficiency budgets that broaden participation of hard-to-reach retail customers in more cost-beneficial ways.

Helping spur innovations that enable broader and more diverse customer class accessibility of renewable, demand response and other energy efficiency promoting technologies and services.

Learning of best practices from other market participants that could inform more cost effective implementation of future low-income programs.

Providing a cost-effective statewide platform that contributes to the economic well-being of the State’s disenfranchised.

Inuring immediate good will and showing that all market participants can be part of the solution for the hard-to-reach retail customer.