Electrifying the Colonias

In June 2013 the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) provided funding to the University of Texas at Austin to conduct research and analysis to determine the extent to which colonia residents in South Texas lack electricity access, and to better understand their energy usage and expenditures. This project was part of a broader goal initiated by Power Across Texas that evolved into an effort spearheaded by various experts whose objective was to help residents gain affordable and reliable electricity services by providing a practical, sustainable financial framework for off- and on-grid alternatives. The central aspect of the program was the compilation and analysis of data from colonias to inform system design, financial implementation and policy considerations. This report began to fill the void of what was formerly a lack of data and information on the energy, housing and economic characteristics of South Texas colonia households.


Conducted and Prepared by:

Carlos Olmedo, MS

PhD Student, LBJ School of Public Affairs, UT Austin

Date: October 2013

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