Newsletter: New Mission and RAC Kickoff


Defining Our Mission

We are grateful to the many of you who share our passion to make a difference for low-income communities in Texas through energy.  With your input, TEPRI has developed a strategic plan to guide our course of action.  We are excited to announce TEPRI’s new mission and vision.


To inspire lasting energy solutions for low-income communities.


We believe in a world with sustainable energy access for all.

Kicking Off the Research Advisory Committee

On Monday, November 28th, we convened the first meeting of our Research Advisory Committee (RAC) with 11 participants representing eight of our TEPRI members.  The RAC is comprised of Premier and Lead members who are charged with recommending annual research priorities for the organization, developing our guiding research principles, suggesting research topics and project concepts, influencing project development and evaluating the impact of TEPRI’s projects.

After a productive and strategic discussion, the RAC recommended that a demographics study of low-income energy consumers across the state should be our first priority.  This foundational project (similarly to the Clearinghouse) will yield multiple benefits in terms of:

  1. the ability of our members to better understand and target low-income customers for more effective programs,
  2. establishing a base-line from which we can measure the impact of our work, and
  3. providing an assessment of need which we will help us prioritize future potential projects.


ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with several industry leaders in energy efficiency at the ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference in Austin.  EE holds significant promise for low-income communities in Texas and this year’s theme of “Lessons from the Field, Visions to the Future” highlighted several EE opportunities worth exploring.

Energy Poverty Clearinghouse Project

Our Energy Poverty Clearinghouse project is yielding fascinating findings, which may have a wide range of applications to our market.  In partnership with Research Into Action, our team has made strong progress, reviewing ~6,300 documents and qualifying ~850 documents for inclusion in the resource portal.  Coming in early 2017, our initial white paper describing the landscape analysis, mapping a gap analysis and highlighting initial lessons learned will be released.  The web portal is on track to be launched later this year.  Stay tuned!


Events This Week

We’re grateful for the following opportunities to share our perspective and mission more widely this week around the state.  We hope you can join us and other energy stakeholders for these exciting discussions:

Social Enterprise 101  @SEUxMSB

I will participate as a panelist in St. Edward’s University’s speaker series on Social Enterprise 101.  We will be joining representatives from Whole Foods and Tiossan to answer questions on how social enterprise shapes Austin’s business landscape. Moderated by Zoe Schlag of UnLTD USA, the panel will take place at the Bill Mundy School of Business on December 8. We’re looking forward to engaging in this important conversation!

United States-Mexico Energy Forum  @USMCOC

We will also be featured at the United States-Mexico Energy Forum on December 9th hosted by the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.  Speaking to the theme of “opportunities and challenges” we will present alongside dozens of leaders in the energy sector on the recent shift towards energy independence.  I will speak on the “Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation” panel, a topic at the heart of TEPRI’s mission that represents a future for saved resources and a greener planet. Click here for information on attending this forum.

Please keep in touch and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions!

Dana Harmon
Executive Director, TEPRI