AEP Texas Joins TEPRI’s Initiative of Finding Solutions to Energy Poverty

AEP Texas has joined forces with the Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI) to support its initiative to inspire lasting energy solutions for vulnerable communities in Texas.

AEP Texas joins a diverse collaboration of power market and community stakeholders working towards a world with sustainable energy access for all. TEPRI and its members aim to improve quality of life for vulnerable Texans by reducing high energy burdens through energy efficiency, conservation and renewable technologies opportunities designed to address the specific needs of low-income communities.

Executive Director Dana Harmon describes this important partnership: “We are thrilled that AEP Texas has joined our effort to better understand and address energy and fuel poverty in Texas. AEP Texas delivers electricity to a large portion of our state, including many impoverished communities, and we are grateful for its support to find innovative ways address the energy needs of our underserved neighbors.”

AEP Texas, a unit of American Electric Power, delivers electricity to nearly one million homes, businesses and industries across its nearly 100,000 square-mile service territory in south and west Texas. AEP Texas provides regulated energy delivery service to consumers, regardless of which Retail Electric Provider (REP) they choose. AEP Texas also maintains and repairs its lines, reads electric meters, and handles connections and disconnections as directed by the REPs selling electricity in the area.  Major cities served include Corpus Christi, Abilene, McAllen, Harlingen, San Angelo, Vernon, Victoria, and Laredo. As an energy delivery (wires) company,

Robert Cavazos, AEP Texas manager of Energy Efficiency & Consumer Programs believes that joining TEPRI is the right and responsible thing to do.  “The need for electricity, especially within our service area where temperatures can vary and become extreme, is more than a need, it’s a necessity,” said Cavazos.  “Through this partnership we can work towards providing our services more efficiently to all customer groups including those who fall below the poverty line.”

TEPRI was founded by former Public Utility Commission of Texas Chairman Becky Klein in 2015. The institute believes that the energy solutions of tomorrow should include consumers who fall below the poverty line – approximately 37% of all Texan households live below 200% of the federal poverty guideline ($48,600/family of four).

Press Release: AEP Texas Joins TEPRI’s Initiative of Finding Solutions to Energy Poverty – June 13, 2017