The Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute is pleased to welcome Group NIRE to our diverse collaboration of power market participants focused on developing holistic and innovative approaches to advance the collective understanding of low income consumers and their relationships to energy.

Group NIRE is joining this diverse association which works towards creating a world with sustainable energy access for everyone. TEPRI and its members aim to improve the quality of life for all Texans by decreasing high cost energy burdens through energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable technology opportunities intended to tackle the specific needs of low-income communities. Approximately 37% of all Texan households live below 200% of the federal poverty guideline ($48,600/family of 4) and TEPRI’s goal is the improve the lives of those individuals through energy.

 “We applaud Group NIRE for their vision to apply their expertise in technology commercialization to the LMI customer segment and thank them hardily for becoming our newest TEPRI member.” says Former PUC Chairman, and TEPRI Founder and Director Becky Klein.

Group NIRE provides companies with support during the development and construction phase of projects and is the direct contact with utilities, landowners and agencies. Their research facility allows manufacturers the capability to test and demonstrate their prototype technology in a real-world environment by providing a plug and play facility for their customers.

“Our goal at Group NIRE is to create a more sustainable future for everyone, and becoming a member of TEPRI presents itself as a stepping stone for us to achieve that goal. We are excited to see what we can do together!” – CEO Mark Harral

Group NIRE and TEPRI are currently seeking funding to launch a project to provide a realistic accelerator to transfer and overcome the challenge of solar and related technologies by forming a solar scorecard focused on lowering LMI American’s energy burdens by developing an efficient and cost-effective integrated suite of distributed energy resources technologies.

Executive Director Dana Harmon describes this important addition to the membership, Group NIRE produces integrated renewable energy resources and emerging energy-efficiency technologies for the electric grid. We are thankful of their support to find innovative ways address the energy needs of our underserved neighbors.”

Download the press release here.