AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI) welcomes Quantum New Energy (QNE) to our diverse collaboration of power market participants focused on developing holistic and innovative approaches to advance the understanding of low-income consumers and their relationships to energy. 

For many low-income Texans living in areas with deregulated electricity, choosing an electricity plan is a daunting task. QNE uses advanced digital technology to simplify the process by helping consumers cut through the clutter of competitive rate structures and make more informed energy decisions that save money, improve energy efficiency and advance environmental sustainability. 

QNE’s technology platform empowers low-income consumers by giving them the tools they need to understand their energy habits and make smarter energy choices. Recognizing that no two people are the same, the platform integrates personalized, historical energy consumption data with locational information, building characteristics, behavioral lifestyle and preferences to create a unique Energy Fingerprint for every customer. For energy providers, this information helps them to better serve customer needs and more accurately perform analytics for systems optimization and planning.  

Approximately 37% of Texan households live below 200% of the federal poverty guideline ($48,600/family of 4). Solutions like Energy Matchmaker can help improve the lives of those individuals who are often forced to default to higher priced electricity plans due to lack of awareness or time to devote to comparing multiple confusing and sometimes misleading electricity offers.  

“We are proud to partner with TEPRI in its ongoing efforts to improve the lives of low-income Texans through energy awareness,” said Patricia Vega, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum New Energy. “Our goal is to use technology innovation to help consumers and providers deepen their relationship and make smarter energy choices that can drastically reduce expenses, optimize efficiency, and ultimately improve lives.”

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About Quantum New Energy: 

Quantum New Energy is an Energy Innovation Company that provides energy technology solutions for consumers and businesses enabling smarter, cleaner and more affordable energy choices that can improve people’s lives and enhance sustainability. We believe that everybody plays a part toward a lower carbon future. At Quantum New Energy we cross pollinate Oil & Gas with Renewable and digital technology to build a platform that integrates interoperable IoT + Data Science connecting energy stakeholders and consumers to make smarter energy choices and optimize end-use efficiency, sustainability, and affordability. 

Learn more: www.quantumnewenergy.com 

About TEPRI: 

TEPRI was founded by former Public Utility Commission of Texas Chairman Becky Klein in 2015 with the goal of bringing together a diverse collaboration of community stakeholders to work toward generating solutions to solve energy problems. By studying and sharing what is working across the country, the institute spreads best practices in energy conservation, efficiency, and reducing energy burdens. Members of TEPRI are leveraging resources to spearhead innovative and in-depth research at the nexus of energy and poverty.

 Learn more: www.txenergypoverty.org 

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