News from TEPRI – April 2020



Energy Insecurity: Why It Matters Now

Unemployment associated with the COVID-19 pandemic will likely create a concerning new wave of energy insecurity among Texans. TEPRI Research Fellow, Jacquie Moss, wrote a compelling blog post about why energy insecurity is especially important now as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact low-income Texans. Check it out here.


TEPRI Published An Issue Brief on COVID-19 Emergency Relief Package

On April 7, TEPRI published a detailed issue brief that analyzes current communication challenges regarding COVID-19 emergency electricity relief. Its purpose is to share relevant insights from our research and to start a conversation with stakeholders.

Download the issue brief here.

TEPRI Clearinghouse COVID-19 Resources

We focused our Clearinghouse email this month on resources that may be helpful in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to energy. View the email with the full list of resources here.

LICP Regional Reports & COVID-19

Last month, TEPRI finalized our Low-Income Community Profile (LICP) Series and released all 11 of the regional reports to our members. TEPRI designed the Texas LICP Series to reveal insights at the intersection of poverty and energy affordability to advance lasting energy solutions for low-income communities. We believe that these insights are more important than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact low-income Texans.

Our Texas Overview Report, the first in the LICP series, is available for public viewing here. Please contact us if you’d like access to all 11 regional reports, as that analysis is an exclusive member benefit.

For more information on how to become a member and gain access to these reports, contact Dana Harmon at

TEPRI Blog Post – Relief for Low-Income Households

On March 30, TEPRI Research Fellow Jacquie Moss shared a quick synopsis of what is included in the US government’s third emergency relief package as it relates to helping low-income residential energy customers. Check it out here.



Welcoming New TEPRI Member Phase Health

TEPRI is excited to announce Phase Health as a supporting member. Phase Health was founded to drive improved health outcomes of individuals through collaboration and partnerships across the healthcare and energy industries. By leveraging large, existing data sets describing underlying clinical conditions in parallel with lifestyle factors, Phase Health works with individuals, their physicians, and utility partners to help pinpoint and mitigate health risk and avoid dangerous and expensive encounters with the healthcare system.

TEPRI is thrilled to have Phase Health join our growing network and we look forward to the expertise that their team brings to this important work. View the official announcement here.

Announcing CPS Energy’s Drew Higgins as TEPRI Board Member

This month, we’re featuring our newest Board member, CPS Energy’s Drew Higgins, Senior Director of Products & Services. Drew shared his thoughts about joining:

“I am excited to join TEPRI’s board at a time when the organization is experiencing a significant increase in need due to the effects of climate change and the burgeoning new energy economy. I look forward to working with the board and the management team to help continue to fulfill our vision of inspiring lasting energy solutions for low-income communities.”

TEPRI Featured on RTA Webinar

On April 29 TEPRI Executive Director Dana Harmon and Researcher Erick Jones gave a presentation on a webinar hosted by the Renewal Thermal Alliance (RTA) titled, “Texas Ambassador Program for Renewable Thermal Technologies in Affordable Housing.”

TEPRI discussed an innovative initiative to accelerate adoption of renewable thermal technologies (RTTs) in affordable housing and to advance energy equity in Texas. The program will engage affordable housing developers, local leadership, and climate and public health stakeholders in an initiative to demonstrate the value of renewable thermal technologies in affordable residential buildings in Houston, TX. The objective is to ensure that the financial and environmental benefits of RTTs to flow to low-income communities.

Feel free to contact us for more information on this project.


May 6: Virtual Workshop Hosted by ANB Systems

On May 6 at 12:00PM CDT, our team will be joining former TEPRI Board Chairman Mike Stockard, in presenting a virtual workshop hosted by ANB Systems.

We will share findings from our recent study and discuss practical application of utility energy efficiency programs for helping communities recover and rebuild in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more and register for the workshop here.

May 26: TEPRI Webinar – Opportunities for DERs to Address Energy Affordability in Houston

Save the date! On May 26, TEPRI will be hosting a collaborative webinar to discuss key insights from our Pathways for DERs in Houston project. The webinar will explore the opportunities and barriers for energy efficiency and rooftop solar in low-income single-family homes in Harris County.

Special thanks to the Energy Foundation for sponsoring this project, and to BBVA for sponsoring our webinar!


Energy Poverty Clearinghouse

With the addition of our Energy Poverty Clearinghouse tool, we will be sending regular email updates with curated lists of the most relevant resources in the energy poverty space as they are added to the Clearinghouse. Stay up to date with what our team is reading through those emails. If you would like to opt-in to receiving updates for specific topic areas of the Clearinghouse, you can make a free account at and select the topic areas that are most useful to you.

Check out our most recent resource email here.

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