We work with our partners to design unique research studies that collect highly informative data on the low-income population.  Research study topics include, but are not limited to, energy savings and energy usage.  For an example of a current research study in development, please see our Current Projects.

The capacity to test, demonstrate, and assess new products or services in diverse segments of the State’s low-income population is key to innovation and to making a meaningful impact on the disenfranchised.  We stand ready to work with partners to test and gather data on new technologies or retail products in order to better inform market solutions.

The heart and strength of TEPRI lies in our partnerships.  From our member companies, to academia to NGOs, and everything in between, we have established a network of brilliant minds and innovative organizations to take on the fight against energy poverty.  Our partnerships help leverage research dollars, collaborate, and most importantly, share research findings.

In addition to developing meaningful partnerships to accomplish our mission, we also work diligently to introduce and connect stakeholders who can share data and best practices, and leverage research dollars.  Stakeholders we connect can also engage in creative collaboration by combining their respective expertise to spur ideas and innovation.

Our collaborative data and research driven approach allows us to identify best practices throughout the industry.  Basic insights such as these are the key to a meaningful impact on low-income energy consumers.