‘Best-In-Class’ Case Study Series

‘Best-In-Class’ Case Study Series

Impacts of Low-Income Services, Programs, and Technologies

Texas providers of electricity, whether public power, retailers or utilities, offer many different forms of low-income services to assist these customers with affordability as well as with energy usage efficiency.  Identifying and sharing best practices in this area may provide insights to both providers and customers as they each assess current and future programs.

TEPRI strives to develop comprehensive and actionable data that energy stakeholders can use to cost-effectively reduce home energy expenses for the low-income customer segment by assessing various programs, services and technologies and their impacts.

Objective: Evaluate various services (e.g., billing options), programs (e.g., weatherization), and technologies (e.g., programmable thermostats, smart water heaters, etc.) as they relate to home energy costs, energy efficiency, and other beneficial impacts to low-income energy customers.

MethodologyTEPRI is partnering with other research institutions and energy stakeholders to survey best practices of low-income offerings across the State.

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